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          Company Profile

          The commitments of Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. are “professional translation + rapid response + strict confidentiality + considerate service”. We provide high-quality professional translation, efficient and fast response, life-long confidentiality and considerate service, in this way, we have formed a one-stop service from translation to maintenance, convenient and flexible payment options and responsible after-sale service also enable us to occupy a position in Xiamen and provide service nationwide.

          The team translation tools adopted by our translators are used to achieve project schedule control and project quality control. By putting translation and revision into a parallel mode, we are able to effectively shorten the time of project disposal, realize auxiliary error checking and collaborative translation, through which the most significant decline will be brought to the error rate.    

          An open corpus accumulation reuse mechanism is adopted to ensure that the translation way keeps unified in the same source-language in the large-scale translation projects. In addition, through accumulating customers’ past project corpus and automatically analyzing customers’ habitual language usage and expression, the company makes the translation comply with the customer requirements better. Thus, we are qualified enough to meet the demands of accuracy, efficiency and proficiency of the service.